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The principal of a Christian private school in Kissimmee, FL

Micki Benson


Come by Osceola Christian Preparatory School Downtown to tour our beautiful elementary campus. At OCPS Downtown, we teach children from Kindergarten through 5th grade. We support 5 sports at our school: Basketball, Soccer, Flag football, Volleyball, and T-ball. We also have competitions that challenge students in artistic and intellectual ways. For example, our Art competition, Chess championship Science Fair, and History fair to name just a few. Downtown loves to celebrate in a big way.

Come Explore The Excitement At
Osceola Christian Preparatory School Downtown

Discover why Osceola Christian Preparatory School Downtown is beloved by our families!

So blessed that my son had amazing teachers that are caring, professional, and patient
Mariela Hiraldo
my daughter has been with them since kindergarten and I have no complaints. also the individual learning is amazing no kid has to compete with each other, they work at their own pace. also Mrs.C and Mr.R are amazing, very patient and give the kids that extra boost they need on a daily basis to become a better student. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone
Rosa Fernandez
This is my first year having my kids in this School. I am not disappointed at all! The comunication between teachers/parents is amazing. They have so many fun activities throughout the school year.
CoCo Nane Peracci
This is the first school year that I have my kids in, I am definitely impress on how well they have adjusted to a new school & staff. Thank you
Kamla Budhu
This school has been a positive change for my 3 children. The attention and academic learning my kids have received is like no other. They can work at a pace that works for them without feeling the pressure! What I like most is the hands on learning and the excitement on the kids is face is priceless!! Thank you for giving these kids an opportunity to have fun while learning!!
Esmeralda Esquivel