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Davian Whyte


I’m a dedicated individual with a unique combination of roles and passions. As the Principal at St. Cloud Christian Prep, I’m entrusted with the important responsibility of shaping the education and character of young minds. My love for basketball reflects my enthusiasm for teamwork, discipline, and determination, qualities that can undoubtedly inspire both students and colleagues. Moreover, my passion for science highlights my inquisitive nature and my commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. What truly sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to faith, with my relationship with Christ taking the utmost priority in my life. This deep connection serves as a guiding light, influencing my decisions and actions in both my personal and professional life. My multifaceted identity as an educator, basketball enthusiast, science aficionado, and devout Christian demonstrates my rich and diverse life journey. My hope is that I’m making a positive impact on those around me, fostering not only intellectual growth but also spiritual and moral development in our community.

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Both of my daughters attend this school and they love it here. They love their teachers and the people in there. The new campus feels safe I would definitely recommend this school.
Yurisel Cordero
Great School! We recently moved from a different county looking for great a school, We feel blessed that we found this school. My two kids and my self love it there, the staff is awesome with the parents as well with the students. I think SCCPS is an A+ school and wouldn't want my children attending any other school but SCCPS!!
Milena De Castro
I really enjoy having my daughter here. She is academically advanced, here she is able to work ahead. I also love that it is based on the word of God. Overall it’s a great school.
Juan Y Kelly Vega
My daughter moved to the school last year. She is doing amazing. We love everything about this school, we are working my moving our other kids too!!
Beki Flint
My grandchildren have been going there for the last several years and they love it.
Alicia LaSalle Heningburg