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The principal for one of the schools with IEP in Lakeland, FL
Jessica Tapia

“Welcome to Polk Christian Preparatory School, where safety, enjoyment, and a top-notch education are our utmost priorities. Our specialty is providing personalized one-on-one learning experiences, dedicated to ensuring that every child reaches their educational goals. We invite you to give us a call or visit us in person to discover all that PKCPS has to offer!”

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We moved to Florida a year ago, it was hard to find a good public school and we found this school. my son's teacher is very good with the students, very organized, help the students to accomplish their goals, she is very creative and make sure that the kids learn by providing extra material to reinforce what they are learning from the Pace books.
Tony Dodd
My Grandson loves this school. The teachers are very hands on and care about each student. The overall staff does a fantastic job with their kids.
Pat Sharp
I'm very grateful for me son's teacher, she is caring creative, proactive, make sure that our kids complete their Pace books, treat them with kindness and respect.
Elsie Bethzaida
Safe place to be, great environment for the students to excel at their own pace.
Josh King
My kids love this school. Staff are friendly and helpful. It's a Christian environment, safe, and fun place for every child.
Juan Galarza